Personnel and wages


  • Preparing monthly payroll lists for the Client’s employees
  • Preparing applications for ZUS (social security body)
  • Preparing monthly declarations and reports for ZUS
  • Keeping individual wage cards for employees
  • Keeping summaries of holidays and absences
  • Preparing monthly calculation of ZUS premium levels including appropriate printouts regarding advances for income tax from physical persons
  • Ensuring for the employees updated information about the level of received wage including deductions resulting from the act on income tax from physical persons and the social security act
  • Calculating and preparing declarations for PFRON (State Fund for Disabled Persons)
  • Delegating BRK Sp. z o.o. employees for work in the office of the Client (recruitment, training for needs of the Company)
  • Administering holidays
  • Audit of settlements with ZUS
  • Audit of employees files
  • Preparing bank transfers
  • Compiling employees files
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